The Most Immersive San Pedro Spanish School

We offer a unique setting with a wonderful view of Lake Atitlan and a real family atmosphere. Founded in 2001, Orbita's mission is to help people express themselves in Spanish while providing local teachers with employment.

    • Enjoy Spanish classes in scenic lake side classrooms with certified, experienced and knowledgeable teachers dedicated to providing the highest standards of teaching.
    • Our structured and affordable programs are designed for you to learn in an easy, quick, practical and dynamic way.
    • One-on-One classes ensure that your time is maximized and customized to your level of knowledge and learning speed. Classes cover grammar, pronunciation, conversation and writing skills.
    • Home stays with local families, volunteer opportunities and afternoon activities provide an immersive experience.
    • Come and design your schedule.

Additionally, at Orbita we aim to positively influence the minds of our students. For example, philosophical phrases and questions are incorporated into learning exercises and to enhance our students' learning. We also show films of a thought provoking nature.

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Course Information

Learn the Spanish Language on the Shores of Lake Atitlan. Atitlan is truly amongst the most beautiful and impressive lakes in the world. San Pedro La Laguna, a small town on its shores in the Guatemalan Highlands, is a popular destination for many travelers in Central America. This is an experience that cannot be replaced by any other. At Orbita, our program provides a
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About Our Host Families

Living with a host family helps improve your Spanish because you are forced to communicate your feelings and your needs in Spanish. It means that you have to apply what are you learning in your Spanish classes. We have different types of Mayan Host Families. Some of them have between 1 and 3 children, and most of the families live with grandparents. The number
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About Our Teachers

Our school contributes continuously to improving the performance of our instructors. Our teachers are routinely evaluated and trained in both grammar and English and various topics of universal interest. All of our teachers have a broad knowledge of grammar and life in general, and most still continue to study at university level. Our students are trained to think in Spanish, and teachers use English
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