Activities At Our School

We have 3 daytime activities available per week, and one optional activity during the weekend.

The purpose of these activities is not only to have fun, but to learn Spanish in practical way.

We have a lifetime of experience in the area and would love to show you around!

One of the best ways to learn Spanish is by using it in the real world in ways that are memorable.

Our interactions, movies & lessons encourage talking about personal development, growth, culture, and traditions.

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Culture, Customs and Arts

You will learn about our culture while speaking and learning Spanish. We will discuss Mayan Culture and Customs. In San Pedro La Laguna there are opportunities for this as well. Just a short walk away there is a Mayan Cultural Center.

The Guatemalan Art is also some of the most notable of Central America, and has a noticeable, original style.

The people of San Pedro are proud of their Tz’utujil culture, and are always happy to share it with those that visit!

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Outside the Classroom

When not in the classroom, as a student of the school there will be plenty of chances to see everything there is to do and see in the entire Lake Atitlan Area. You can be introduced to the traditional art in the area in several different ways.

You can easily see many examples of this in the town of San Pedro La Laguna. Also, a short and inexpensive boat or “lancha” ride across the lake, we can extend your activities to include day trips to several marketplaces in the area.

Consistent use of speaking Spanish in real world situations is not only good practice, it is also the best way to determine strengths and weaknesses. This is important to then adapt your time in the classroom.

Panajachel and Santiago are two areas that are accessible within a half hour that have large open air markets that are mostly devoted to the Guatemalan art of painting and also their amazing textile work.

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Weekend Activities!

There are many activities in close proximity to our school. Orbita is only meters from the lake, and a number of Kayak rental locations.

In a twenty minute kayak ride, you can reach the other side of Lake Atitlan. This is a great way to soak up some sun while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding villages, mountains & volcanoes.

Across the lake from San Pedro is a quiet village called San Marcos. San Marcos is a natural living type of community and offers many holistic things. This is also the location to go cliff jumping anytime you’d like.

If you prefer adventures on land, there are several different hikes in the area. There is a two hour 600m hike, climbing the “Indian Nose” Mountain face. This is a less difficult hike than climbing Volcan San Pedro, witch is challenging straight climb and requires about 6 hours total.

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