Activities At Our School

We have 3 optional daytime activities available per week, and one activity during the weekend. Activities include:


– Walking to the Beach
– Lake/ Pool Swimming
– 5-on-5 Soccer & Basketball
– Volleyball/ Waterballon Volleyball
– Handball
– Salsa Lessons
– Spanish Group Discussions
– A Variety of Games to Help Improve Your Spanish

Our interactions, movies & lessons encourage talking about personal development, growth, culture & traditions

“The best way to learn Spanish is by using it
in the real world in ways that are memorable.”

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Outside the Classroom

Panajachel and Santiago are two areas that are accessible within a half hour that have large open air markets that are mostly devoted to the Guatemalan art of painting and also their amazing textile work.

There are many activities in close proximity to our school. Orbita is only meters from the lake, and a number of Kayak rental locations.

A twenty minute kayak ride will land you in San Marcos and other small beautiful villages on other side of Lake Atitlan. 

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Weekend Activities!


If you prefer adventures on land, there are several different hikes in the area, such as: Climbing the “Indian Nose” Mountain face or Volcan San Pedro.







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