We would like to thank all of you for the fantastic experience we’ve had here at Orbita. David and I have done many Spanish courses in many different countries and we both agree that Rene’s system and approach is the best we have ever experienced! In just one week he has managed to finally work out all the little issues we had been dragging around for years and he did it in a manner that was refreshing and fun. We learned about the country, about its people and I dare say even a bit more about ourselves.

Our two kids Sofia and Liam who are 6 and 4 years old had a wonderful teacher in Celeste who did a brilliant job teaching them with loads of creative games – they absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to go to school each day. We’d also like to thank the school for organizing our homestay with Maria, Francisco and their daughter Fatima. They welcomed us into their home and took the time to take us on excursions – what a great way to complement the schooling!

Jennny & David - New Zealand & Austria

I have very much so enjoyed my stay and classes in San Pedro. In only 1 week of study my Spanish has gone from no communication or understanding to being able to make conversation, ask for things I need & understand the language. I believe total immersion in to the culture by staying with the family not only helps improve learning & use of the language but also is an unforgettable experience which I will take with me forever. Orbita was amazing!

Jessie - USA

I had a wonderful time here in San Pedro. I woe this all to my experience with Orbita School. After only 20 hours of classes (in one week) I feel like my Spanish has improved greatly. Also, living with a local family has been one of the coolest experience of my life that I will remember forever. To be totally immersed in the culture & classes is the best way to learn Spanish. Rene is an awesome teacher and extremely helpful, not only with Spanish, but with anything else we needed during our stay in San Pedro. I thank Orbita for an amazing experience I’ll never forget!

Kylie - USA

Studying here at Orbita has been an absolute joy! I came planning to stay for one week but ended up staying for three. That has much to do with San Pedro itself, but also the school. It’s on the quiet side of town with an impressive view of Lake Atitlan & its mountains. My teacher, Teresa, tailored the curriculum around my needs. Rene and the rest of the teachers have been more than accommodating and if I were to be in the area again I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for another week at this amazing school.

Micah Stetz - USA

I had a great time learning at Orbita. The teachers here are very well-organized, patient, and professional. Rene has set up a good curriculum for learning Spanish. This progressive learning system has helped me to learn to speak and write Spanish in an easy manner. I liked that there was equal emphasis on speaking, writing and reading. The small number of students at school allows for a more special and intimate learning experience. During our daily breaks, we are encouraged to talk in Spanish and a smaller group means we all (the students) get to pariticipate actively in conversation. I also greatly enjoyed after school activities such as watching movies and learning to make tortillas. This is indeed a special place in San Pedro!

Yixin Makovsky - Singapore / USA

I thoroughly enjoyed my week at Orbita. I thought that the program was well-structured and well taught. My teacher Teresa was extremely clear, professional and helpful. She answered all my questions very well and gave me all the information I needed. I especially liked having an exercise book to work from. It was very structured and each lesson / exercise built on the previous one. In general, the program is excellent and I learned more than I hoped for. Thanks for everything!

Xiao - USA

I really enjoyed learning Spanish over the course of the week! Everything was fantastic – the program, instructors, and director all did a great job of helping me learn more than I thought possible in one week. To top it off, Lake Atitlan provided a breathtaking backdrop for the lessons and put me in a great mood for lessons every time. Thanks for a great experience! I’ll definitely recommend the school to all my friends!

Daryl - USA

Muchas gracias por enseñarnos sobre las reglas de Español, y Guatemala, y vida! Disfrutamos las clases mucho. Si tuvieramos mas tiempo tomariamos mas clases. Tu escuela es el oro de San Pedro! Es importante que ustedes continuen el buen trabajo 🙂 No los olvidaramos!

Thank you so much for teaching us the rules of Spanish, and Guatemala, and life! We enjoyed the classes very much. If we had more time we would take more classes. Your school is the gold of San Pedro! It’s important that you keep up the good work! Don’t forget about us!

Caroline y Juan Valdez - Australia

Thank you so much for everything. We studied with Orbita for five weeks and learned a lot. Our teachers Juan-Carlos and Celeste had been patient and great. We will miss them. Our family, Isaac – Hermelinda, Domingo, Juan and Helene – had been awesome and we felt at home. The atmosphere, the food, and the accommodation was just fantastic and the family tok a lot of time to practice our Spanish. Hope to see you again!

Caroline & Michael - USA

Study Spanish at Orbita. It was one of the best experiences in my life. One thing that I was looking for but didn’t get from the other schools was the warm, welcoming family. This is why I decided to stay with Orbita. I had a great experience with the classes, the view was incredible, the teachers are very friendly, and the school’s location is more tranquil than the other schools because it is located on the other side of San Pedro. The system of learning is very easy and practical- I had only planned on studying one week of Spanish, but after the week was over, I had realized how much I had learned, so I decided to continue studying for an additional two weeks. I highly recommend studying with Orbita.

Luke Mercke - Sweden

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