During my stay at the Orbita Spanish School, I developed several lasting relationships. After leaving Guatemala, I ended up working with Rene, as he is my friend, and he has made lasting impression on me. I have made several attempts to learn Spanish in the past is, but the truth is, I don’t have the patience. With the teachers at the school, its not like a class, its hard to explain really. When you are there you make a friend with someone, and that is your teacher. You share each-others experiences and learn more than just Spanish, so much more. I would recommend taking some classes at the school to anyone, for a great time, with great people, that is an amazingly positive thing in every way. I was apprehensive about being there all the time, as the people are different, and the language is different, and its uncomfortably different from what I knew. Once I was there, for a time, I found out the people really are not different, and that alone was something I had yet to learn at 27 years of age. The school you choose matters for reasons you cant imagine, or at least, reasons beyond my expectations. Surely. You will find a good home with Rene, and the Orbita Spanish School. You are invited. Cordially. There will never be pressure to leave, or stay. You are invited to share Guatemala and the professional intuitive teaching they provide. Thats how Rene would say it. He would say you are invited.

Ryan Sepanek - Arizona, USA

Learning Spanish at Orbita has been a pleasure. I studied 3 weeks with Rene. (teacher in Orbita) and now I feel much more confident speaking and writing in Spanish. The method of teaching makes it easy to learn grammar and irregular verbs. Rene is experienced teacher, patient and witty. I enjoyed his classes and friendship and I am sure you will also

I. Kelly - England, UK

I have been studying Spanish at the Orbita school for two weeks. The first week I did 4 hours of classes for 5 days. Then for the second week I went to school and lived with Rosario and her family. I found her family fun to live with. They all went out of their way to make me feel at home and part of their family and I was able to practice Spanish a lot. The classes were very good too. The teachers are able to work out the students’ pace and go at that level. There was always plenty of chances to speak Spanish. Overall I would say this school offers good value for the money you pay but also offer the chance to use Spanish.

C. Sheeny - UK

I found this school very good not only because after two weeks I speak much better Spanish now, but also because it has remarkable attitude towards students. I would say it is like living in a family and being part of it. As you enjoy the culture, the food ( delicioso !!!!) and simply hanging out you understand more and more of Spanish and how it is to live in Guatemala. I will certainly recommend this school to my friends.

Bartek Kozlowski - Poland

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