Immersion in Language Learning

Each year, millions of people look to learn a new language. Amongst the most popular are the do-it-yourself programs that you can purchase online. However, the most functional method is without question immersion in language learning.

Putting yourself in a position where you surround yourself with locals who speak a different language forces you to aprehend and concentrate on what is being spoken. Full immersion provides an opportunity to NOT revert back to your native language during the entirety of your study.

The absolute best of the immersion methods is to participate in a homestay, in which you live with a family that only speaks the language you wish to learn. There, you will have the opportunity to live, breathe and speak the language with zero opportunities to fall back on your native language.

At Orbita Spanish School, for example, students typically take one-on-one Spanish lessons from a fully-trained teacher that follows a personalized lesson guide. After a morning of learning and speaking only Spanish, the student then goes to their homestay family for more Spanish immersion. Spanish all day. Can you think of a more beneficial system?

Language learning is no easy task. That’s why, when you live in your city, where people speak your language, it’s difficult to pick up new words and phrases. It’s near impossible to practice speaking your new language. That’s why it takes several times longer to learn a language than if you were to fully immerse yourself.

What better way to learn a new language than to immerse yourself with the culture!

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