English Classes “For a Cup of Coffee“

If you are an English speaker, you are a valuable resource in San Pedro La Laguna to help people to learn English.

In exchange for a cup of coffee or other local beverage, you can help change someone´s life.

Even if you´ve never formally taught before, you can teach conversational English.

All you need is willpower, enthusiasm, and a desire to provide adults, children and youth students the opportunity of learning proper English pronunciation and usage.

The purpose of teaching English is to help people to have more opportunities in their lives. English is increasingly, useful for people who work in the Tourism field.

Also, nowadays English is required for most professional Jobs, as English is the international language of commerce and technology.

Many students in our communities study English, but few have the chance to practice and develop their skills.

Another purpose of teaching is for our students who are learning Spanish to interact with the local people, to learn a little more about their culture and have the opportunity to practice their Spanish.

The English classes take place in the students´ home. Students who have no place to study may come to Orbita´s campus to take their classes.