Orbita Spanish School Spanish Immersion Program

Orbita Spanish School is San Pedro de Laguna’s premier Spanish Immersion Program – offering beautiful housing facilities & amazing host families, and Lake Atitlan’s only 100% original teaching curriculum, with lessons geared towards positively influencing our students’ minds.

Learn the Spanish Language on the Shores of Lake Atitlan

At Orbita Spanish School, our Spanish immersion program provides a professional curriculum that is adjustable to your level of knowledge in an enjoyable yet challenging atmosphere.

Unique Curriculum, Intelligently Designed by the Director, Follows a Well-Organized, Programmed Teaching Model

  • Each level follows a well-constructed sequence for maximum effectiveness, providing daily learning objectives.
  • Workbooks and exercises provide very precise and concrete tasks, allowing students to practice their new skills, as well as motivating them to continue to learn after leaving Orbita
  • In addition to classroom time, active learning includes applying language theory with fun and instructive visits to various locations such as the open-air market

Immerse Yourself Into the Spanish Language by Living with a Host Family

  • Authentic multicultural experience
  • By living with a Host Family you will be learning not only Spanish, but also sharing part of the Mayan Culture.
  • Living with a host family helps improve your Spanish because you are forced to communicate your feelings and your needs in Spanish.




What sets Orbita Spanish School apart from the rest of the language schools?

Orbita Spanish School has created it’s own program based on twenty two years of experience in teaching Spanish. We have tailored our program over the years based on student input and from the progress that we monitor from each one of them. Our 1st Edition was printed in 2007 and now, years later, we have completely updated it and have recently rolled out the 4th Edition (2018).

  • Enjoy Spanish classes in scenic lakeside classrooms with certified, experienced and knowledgeable teachers dedicated to providing the highest standards of teaching.


  • Our structured and affordable programs are designed for you to learn in an easy, quick, practical and dynamic way.
  • One-on-One classes ensure that your time is maximized and customized to your level of knowledge and learning speed. Classes cover grammar, pronunciation, conversation and writing skills.
  • Home stays with local families, volunteer opportunities and afternoon activities provide an immersive experience.
Spanish Immersion Program

Course Information

Learn the Spanish Language on the Shores of Lake Atitlan. Atitlan is truly amongst the most beautiful and impressive lakes in the world. San Pedro La Laguna, a small town on its shores in the Guatemalan Highlands, is a popular destination for many travelers in Central America. This is an experience that cannot be replaced by any other. At Orbita, our program provides a

Learn Spanish in Guatemala

Our Host Families

Living with a host family helps improve your Spanish because you are forced to communicate your feelings and your needs in Spanish. It means that you have to apply what are you learning in your Spanish classes. We have different types of Mayan Host Families. Some of them have between 1 and 3 children, and most of the families live with grandparents.

Meet our Spanish Teachers

Our Teachers

Our school contributes continuously to improving the performance of our instructors. Our teachers are routinely evaluated and trained in both grammar and English and various topics of universal interest. All of our teachers have a broad knowledge of grammar and life in general, and most still continue to study at university level. Our students are trained to think in Spanish, and teachers use English

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Our Project

We at Orbita recognize in order to have a more balanced world it is important to invest in education. Unfortunately, many children in our community do not have the opportunity to study due to the lack of financial resources. For that reason, Orbita Spanish School has created a scholarship and tutoring program so these children do not fall behind and can excel in their studies. Our Scholarship Program supports students with $19 a month to pay for their school fees. 

A Word

From Our Founder

” Every student at Orbita is unique, and we take pride in getting to know you and developing our curriculum to best serve your personal needs, and the ideal application of your Spanish in real world situations. We love the community feeling when all of our students are studying together and living together, enjoying the Lake and taking place in activities as a family. Please come and get to know us at Orbita!”

– Rene Lopez

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What Our Students Say

Here are some testimonials from recent students about our school!


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