About our Host Families


Living with our host families helps improve your Spanish because you are forced to communicate your feelings and your needs in Spanish through our Spanish Immersion Programs.

It means that you have to apply what are you learning in your Spanish language classes.

We have different types of Mayan Host Families. Some of them have between 1 and 3 children, and some host families live with grandparents. The number of people in the household is usually around 4 people. Our Host Families live between 3 and 12 minutes walking distance from the school.

All our host-families has WiFi, but you are free to use Orbita’s WiFi any time too. Please ask at our office if you need more internet speed for work.

Our families are open-minded, which means that for them it’s not a problem if you go out to parties. You will have your own room and your own key so this will not affect anybody. Only a few rooms do not have a private toilet. However if you want to ensure a room with private bathroom, you need to pay $20 extra

We really hope you would like to experience our culinary tradition. You will love the food. One thing we hope you like are corn tortillas (made fresh & delicious daily), because most meals are based around homemade tortillas. Our former students have been very happy with the food.

By living with a Host Family you will be learning not only Spanish, but also sharing part of the Mayan Culture.


what students are saying:

Recent Testimonials

I just finished studying for one week at Orbita, San Pedro. I had absolutely the best time here and only wish I could have stayed longer! My teacher Mary was amazing in every way, she was a fantastic teacher, very patient and great at explaining, and we had great conversations about her culture and the Lake, and we shared lots of laughs and jokes together. The structure of the classes were fantastic, each module followed on easily from the last, and you can work to any pace. I highly recommend this school, it is incredible value for money, and they also hold extra curricular activities! We went and played basketball and went swimming with the students and teachers and we all had a great time and lots of laughs. Thank you so much Rene, Mary and the rest of Orbita. I will be back if at all possible!

My girlfriend and I spent 3 AMAZING months in San Pedro la Laguna attending classes at Orbita Spanish School, August-November 2018. We toured several schools, but Orbita stood out dramatically based on the well-defined curriculum (there are unique course books for every week), the facilities (much larger building and many more desks/classrooms than other schools), the incredibly enthusiastic and fun teachers, and, of course, René! Spend five minutes talking to René, and you will understand why people choose Orbita. His curriculum is full of fun philosophical lessons and phrases to keep things interesting, and his passion for helping students learn Spanish is visible from miles away.
We HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend staying with a host family if you are able to. It is incredibly inexpensive to have a wonderful home, family, and three from-scratch homemade meals prepared every day, and it really gives you a feel for the local culture. Choose the lovely Ixmata family if you can!

I could not have been more impressed with Orbita. Everyone, Reneé, my teacher Eduardo, all felt like family super quickly and did everything in their power to push you to learn, but also to help you feel more comfortable. I was very nervous about doing a homestay because I haven’t done anything like that in my life, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I truly feel that there is no other way to pick up Spanish as quickly as staying with a family. After four weeks my Spanish had improved ten fold, even after studying in the US for a few years off and on, this place really took it to another level, with my conversation skills, that I didn’t think was possible. Please forget all other schools in the area and come here, you won’t regret it! I will definitely be coming back, I’m already missing it so much.