things to do in lake atitlan
with Orbita Spanish School

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All of these activities are available for students at Orbita Spanish School.

Things to do in Lake Atitlan

Martes 1/ Tues.

Movie Night

Enjoy a movie with Spanish audio and English subtitle.

You can also suggest which movie would you like to watch.


Miércoles 1/ Wed.

Mayan Ceremony

We celebrate mayan ceremonies according to the meaning of the day.


Miércoles 2/ Wed.

Group Games

After studying, we have several games to share with you!


Miércoles 3/ Wed.

Group Games

After studying, we have several games to share with you!


Miércoles 4/ Wed.

Chocolate Tour

Do you want to rejoice your soul? CHOCOLATE is the ingredient that is missing!


Miércoles 5/ Wed.

Coffee Tour

Lake Atitlan’s coffee is known for its unique flavor, its high-quality and nature. Join us to explore beautiful farm where it is produced.


Miércoles 6/ Wed.

Pool Swimming

After studying, taking a dip is not a bad idea.


Miércoles 7/ Wed.

Walking to the Beach

Walking in nature is an ideal exercise for practicing Spanish. We see birds, butterflies, wild flowers and have fun!


Miércoles 8/ Wed.

Rally Games

Meet other students and teachers, and share your skills and abilities in each game, while practicing your Spanish!


Miércoles 9/ Wed.

Sport Games

You don’t need to be a professional to participate. The idea is to move around and have fun, while also exercising your brain!


Miércoles 10/ Wed.

Hike to: Pa Kamb’al Park

Enjoy a 30 minute walk to the park while listening to the sounds of birds and breathing fresh air.


Miércoles 11/ Wed.

Five on Five Soccer

You don’t need to be a professional to participate, the idea is to move around while also exercising your brain!


Miércoles 12/ Wed.

Rally Games

Meet other students and teachers, and share your skills and abilities in each game, while practicing your Spanish!


Jueves/ Thurs.

Salsa Classes

Feel and enjoy our latin salsa classes. They will ignite your spirit! This is a great way to get to know other students.


Viernes 1/ Fri.

Honey Tour

Want a unique and educational experience? Orbita Spanish School takes you into the heart of a beehive! There you will be able to see and learn the incredible process of how honey is made.


Viernes 2/ Fri.

Painting your Mayan Nahual

Discover and paint your Mayan Nahual with one of our spiritual guides and know your positive and negative qualities.


Viernes 3/ Fri.

Textiles Tour

This tour will help you to understand the process of how these dedicated women produce beautiful yarns, fabrics, colors and textiles.


Viernes 4/ Fri.

We Visit a Nature Reserve Tzankujil San Marcos, L. L.

This is a beautiful place to appreciate the outdoors. Jump the 12 meters option or find for a smaller one


Viernes 5/ Fri.

Spanish Group Discussions

This is an opportunity to express your ideas in Spanish. It is not important to develop a topic only to discuss and express your ideas.


Viernes 6/ Fri.

Coffee Tour

Atitlan’s coffee is known for its unique flavor, its high-quality and nature. Join us to explore a beautiful farm where it is produced.


Viernes 7/ Fri.

Natural Medicine Tour

Discover the natural healing powers of plants! On this tour you will learn a lot of the wisdom of the indigenous Mayan healers including traditional herbal remedies.


Viernes 8/ Fri.

Weaving Course

This is a great opportunity to learn Mayan weaving under the guidance of a Tzutujil weaver. Learn an art that for thousands of years has been the life, passion and love of Mayan women.


Viernes 9/ Fri.

Learn How to Make Tortillas

Learn how to make fresh and delicious corn tortillas as well as traditional huevo al comal.


Viernes 10/ Fri.

Learn How to Make Pepian

The people of San Pedro La Laguna prepare this traditional dish to celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Learn a little about our culinary tradition.


Viernes 11/ Fri.

Learn How to Make Paches

The people of San Pedro eat the traditional paches to celebrate birthdays. The paches are made with potatoes and other ingredients.


Viernes 12/ Fri.

Learn How to Make Chuchitos

The chuchitos are the most humble plate in the national cuisine. It is a symbolic food of Guatemalan culture. You are going to love them!


Viernes 13/ Fri.

Learn How to Make Rellenitos de Platano con Frijoles

This is a delicious desert and is very popular. You will find Rellenitos at fairs, parks and restaurants.


Viernes 14/ Fri.

Tattoo your Mayan Nahual

If you don’t have a tattoo, at Orbita you can experience having a temporary tattoo. Tattoo your Mayan Nahual or the image you want.


Sábado 1/ Sat.

Indian Nose Hike

Indian Nose is a gorgeous hike. From the top you can see an explosion of colors as the sun comes up above the villages around Lake Atitlán.


Sábado 2/ Sat.

Indian Nose Hike

Enjoy the magnificent views of Lake Atitlán, the volcanoes and the beauty of the different towns around the lake.


Sábado 3/ Sat.

Great Walk from Jaibalito to Tzununá

Enjoy two hours of a great walk where you can see different settings on the lake, the volcanoes, the mountains and the towns.