Frequently Asked Questions
Learn Spanish in Guatemala

Do I have to pay in advance to have a spot with you?
It is not necessary, but it is very important that you make sure that you are committed to our school, because we are a professional school offering quality lessons for many students to learn Spanish in Guatemala. So, please do not reserve a space if you’re not sure you can attend because this can impact other prospective students.

You’re free to pay in advance so that you don’t need to worry when you’re here, but it’s not strictly necessary.
Weekly payments are also accepted.


What is the maximum number of students that you place with a host family?
The maximum is 3, but normally we accommodate just 2.


Do you offer discounts to couples who stay with the same host family?
The biggest expense is the food, so we charge the same amount per person.


Do you offer vegetarian and vegan meals with the host families?
Yes we do. Please advise us in advance so that the family can accommodate you.


Can I start my home stay any day of the week?
It depends. When we are full this is not possible because the students normally leave the families on Sundays. Please email us one week in advance for availability.


If I am doing a home stay where and when can I meet them?
You meet your host-family on Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to  5:00 p.m. at Orbita’s office. But you can do it after your class on Monday too. If you plan to arrive here after 5:00pm please let us know, because we close at 5:00 p.m. on Sundays.


Can I start my classes any day of the week?
We ideally prefer students to start on Monday or Tuesday, but if this isn’t possible for you, we can make arrangements for you to start on another day. In this case you may also need to have some afternoon classes or have a different teacher for a couple of lessons. It depends on each specific situation.

If you have plans to study longer (at least one month), it won’t affect your Spanish classes because we will reserve a teacher just for you.


Will I have internet with the host families?
Yes, all our host-families has WiFi. Students are free to use Orbita Spanish School in Guatemala WiFi any time too.

Please ask at Orbita’s office if you need more internet speed for work


Do I have to tell you how many weeks I want to study when I register?
Morning classes are normally very popular, so if you prefer to study Spanish in Guatemala in the morning, we recommend that you advise us how many weeks would you like to study in advance, so that you will have a teacher reserved for your entire stay. 99% of our students are satisfied with our school, don’t doubt about your satisfaction. When we are not full, adding more weeks once you’re here: that’s usually easy to do.


Is there a discount if I take classes with another student?
Classes with 2 students and one teacher have a 50% additional cost over individual tuition.


How much do additional hours of class cost?
If you want to study more hours you will pay $6 per hour extra.


What to bring with you:

You should bring:
– A sweater
– Sneakers for walking/hiking
– A flashlight or headlamp
– A raincoat (May – october)
– Sunscreen
– First aid kit
– Mosquito repellent (June to October)


You might also want to bring:
– Sunglasses
– Towel (small – specific for travelers)
– A translator (dictionary)