Payment Options for
Orbita Spanish School in 



Payment is optional online now via Paypal . Please note that there is an international Paypal fee of 5.7%.


Bank Transfer 

(Available only when you pay one month or more)

Bank transfer is accepted. Orbita Spanish School hold a bank account with Citibank in the USA. Account details will be provided via email once registration has been completed.

Please add $10USD  for administration fee, if you use any free app, or $15 if you make a bank transfer.

“Paying for my Spanish lessons at Orbita from a US bank account was really simple using a secure app called Zelle. Most major US banks already have the Zelle app built into their online portals, otherwise you can set up an account at within a few minutes. Because Rene has a US bank account, I was able to pay for my lessons in advance using Zelle and I added a $10 administration fee to help cover his conversion costs (still WAY cheaper than a wire transfer or the exchange rate and fees for withdrawing from an ATM in Guatemala)”.

“Completing a bank transfer was easy! I accessed my bank account online where I was able to transfer money to an outside account. Rene sent me his US bank account information which I entered in the proper spot to finalize the transfer. I paid a $15 transfer fee to cover what Rene’s bank charges on his end but paid no fee to my own bank. I wanted to pay for a full month of classes and a homestay without having to continually visit the ATM, so this was a great option!”.




1.  Local currency is welcome.

Everytime money is withdrawn here in an ATM, there is a fee between $4 to $6USD. Your bank may also charge you a fee for every transaction. Some banks reimburse their customers. You can only withdraw Q2000 ($270USD) per transaction. 

2.  Us dollars are accepted too.

Notes must be in good condition with no marks, scratches, stamps or tears as the local bank will not accept them otherwise. Due to limited availability of US currency, only $50 and $100 bills are accepted.

Although we have three payment options, we prefer the cash option with the local currency.




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