San Pedro La Laguna, Lake Atitlan Guatemala

San Pedro La Laguna, Lake Atitlan Guatemala

San Pedro La Laguna is one of the many towns that surround Lake Atitlan. Located on the opposite end of the more famous Panajachel, San Pedro offers a quaint way of life for a large percentage of travelers. Nearby villages include San Juan, San Pablo and San Marcos – all of which make quick day-trips via a short boat ride.

Residents of San Pedro are raised primarily speaking their Mayan language, Tz’utujil (pronounced, Tsoo-Tooheel). Spanish is a second language and typically only the older generation can only speak in Tz’utujil.

The main attraction in San Pedro is their street market, put on by residents selling fresh fruits, vegetables and various other traditional dishes. Prices are unbelievably low and fruits like bananas can be had for 1 Quetzal or less. The market is located directly off the dock and straight into town.

Hidden behind the main street market you can find San Pedro’s most popular church, Iglesa Catolica – famous for serving the majority of the Catholic population as a church, as well as for weddings and other events. It’s also a popular venue for families and youth to relax in the park directly in front of the church, which contains a fountain, a pond with ducks and, as always, food vendors!

One of the most mired attractions in San Pedro La Laguna is it’s perfect approximation to the mountain, La Nariz del Indio (Indian’s Nose). Shaped like a face of an indigenous Indian, you can easily make out the large nose, which forms its peak. La Nariz del Indio provides an excellent backdrop to those in San Pedro. It is also a main activity amongst travelers and can be scaled with a guide for a small fee.


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